Cooperativa Edile Artigiana s.c. is a general construction company founded in Parma in 1975. We operate in the field of construction work and plant engineering work for both private and public companies. Over time, we have built up a signi cant building construction culture which has helped us source a workforce of highly professional shareholders, employees and consultants: we are builders by nature.

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ProgettoCasaSì is a large professional network of real estate agencies, suppliers and professionals created for the sale of housing units which creates important economic benefits for the final buyer.

Freedom Power is zero-bill technology and zero emissions for winter heating and summer cooling of our buildings which helps to eliminate energy dependence on a third party whilst protecting the environment.


Please contact Cooperativa Edile Artigiana to receive any type of technical or commercial information. In a short time you will receive an answer from our dedicated office to meet your needs. Regarding the processing of personal data provided by you, please read the section in this link dedicated to privacy and the position taken by Cooperativa Edile Artigiana compared to it.

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