We build to contribute to the progress of the community

Builders for passion

Cooperativa Edile Artigiana is a construction company based in Parma. We operate on national and international territory in the eld of construction work (new buildings, maintenance, renovation and restoration) and plant engineering work (hydraulic, electrical and mechanical) for both private and public companies.

The ever-changing nature of industry requires us to respond quickly to new challenges. Safety, sustainability, environmental impact, containment of consumption and emissions are the demands that we respond to every day by utilizing the most advanced instruments.

Our passion for our work best represents the spirit that moves our actions: we love doing our job well, we love building. All of this is intrinsic and innate in our way of respecting our customers: we are builders for passion.


The work begins with a parametric evaluation, the analysis of the structural, building and plant projects, ending with the technical and economic study of every single construction detail.


The work is completed as designed and within the agreed timeline, under the direction of technicians and experienced and competent workers, able to handle any possible problem at the construction site.


The newly constructed or renovated buildings are constantly monitored to meet the highest quality standards over time and to o er our customers scheduled maintenance which increases the value of their properties.