Builders by nature, builders for passion, builders for you

Company profile

Cooperativa Edile Artigiana s.c. is a general construction company founded in Parma in 1975. We use our experience combined with innovative construction techniques to constantly renew our commitment in the OG1 sector (Civil and Industrial Buildings), OG2 sector (Restoration and maintenance of real estate properties under protection), OG3 sector (Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, tramlines, subways, funicular railways, airport runways, and related complementary works) and OG11 sector (Technological systems).

Over time, we have built up a signi cant building construction culture which has helped us source a workforce of highly professional shareholders, employees and consultants: we are builders by nature.

We create buildings in full respect of nature and the ecosystem in which they are inserted. Protect, grow, live: they are all natural and precious actions, made possible with the best technologies and the highest skills. We are builders by nature.

Our work and our passion come together every day in in every our yard. We take care of the smallest of details to achieve the greatest results. We love our work, we love building for the satisfaction of our customers. We are builders for passion.

Each of our construction is made with an integrated production process, able to respond to the most diverse needs. Design, implementation and maintenance are part of a continuous action for the satisfaction of our customers. We are builders for you.

The most complex jobs are conducted with the expertise and experience of qualified professionals present within our staff. The quality of work is reflected in the quality of our buildings. We are a solid and stable group, starting from our internal organization.

The guarantee of our professionalism and the quality of our buildings are attested by the certifications that Cooperativa Edile Artigiana has obtained over years of work on a national and international scale. The experience of the past makes us ready to accept the challenges of the future.

Cooperativa Edile Artigiana is part of a large group that includes Enterprise Costruzioni, Progetto CasaSì, Freedom Power and OKfacility. All these realities come together to express at best the concepts of living, building and living respecting the environment.